Thursday, 27 March 2014

Religious Refugee

I am a Religious Refugee!

I grew up in a faith that had lots of positives, but one of them was not using your brain. When I started to attend university and study Religious Studies, I was both excited and terrified. What I was learning was answering all kinds of questions I had about the Bible, but it was raising lots more!

I was like a moth being drawn to a flame; I couldn’t help myself but my received faith was being destroyed.

Pretty soon, I couldn’t attend church anymore. I wasn’t sure if I was a Christian Agnostic or Agnostic Christian. I certainly wasn’t a fundamentalist Baptist anymore.

I had heard of the United Church of Canada and seen their Observer magazine in doctor’s waiting rooms and in hospitals. Now here was a denomination that asserted that faith was more than prayer on Sunday morning. SEX, Politics, business practices, moral dilemmas, and constantly trying to make the traditions have meaning in today’s language and addressing everyday needs.

Faith certainly didn’t mean not expressing doubts or asking questions!

That was 40 years ago and I’m still excited to grow and learn; still making sense of the religious experiences of my teens in a way that satisfies my mind as well as my heart.
Are you a religious refugee? Someone for whom the old time religion no longer works?  Too much guilt or miracles to swallow? Too much exclusion or violence. Or just can no longer believe in the old man in the clouds that controls everything?

Tell me about it. Ive been there; done that and got the T-Shirt.


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